2017 CURE Update


(Compassionate Utilization of REsources)

CURE, an all volunteer Arkansas Non-Profit, with 501(c)(3) qualification from the IRS, thanks God and you for over 20 Years (!) engaged in local and regional benevolent work, collection and shipment of medical surplus (equipment and supplies) to foreign hospitals, clinics and doctors and regional disaster relief. CURE also has acknowledged Dr. Robert D. Fisher’s devotion to CURE by creating and naming him to the position of Chairman Emeritus – Thanks, Fish and remain faithful to the cause!!

During the year of 2017 CURE traveled 52,454 miles picking up and delivering linen, medical supplies, equipment, clothes & food. The approximate donated value was $3.5 Million, at a fuel cost of approximately $16,268.00. CURE has picked up 77 truckloads and delivered 61 truckloads during 2017.

CURE supplied enough Medical Equipment and Supplies to organizations shipping overseas to fill 36 forty foot (40’) cargo containers this year.

Humanitarian aid, equipment and supplies continue to be sent to the nations of Haiti, Honduras, Ukraine, Syria and Myanmar. Lives touched and blessed by God through CURE number in the Hundreds of Thousands in the 57 different foreign nations that have been served to date.

CURE continues to strive to be true to its Mission: To actively demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ to everyone (locally, regionally, nationally and internationally). CURE provides volunteers with service opportunities that impact lives and also provides a source to facilitate humanitarian assistance to people within our local and regional communities. CURE remains alert and ready to respond with disaster relief for immediate on-site distribution and aid to tornado and other disaster areas.

CURE took 10 truckloads (approximately 100,000 pounds) to Texas and Louisiana for Hurricane Harvey relief as well as aiding with meals for those affected. The loads included power washers, generators, face mask, coveralls, gloves, detergent, window cleaner, mattresses, linen, pillows, food, shovels, rakes, mops, brooms, sheet rock mud, joint tape, screws, nails, hammers, and 200 box fans, which were all made possible by generous donations from area Churches and Individuals.

Blankets, coats, boots, mattresses and 10,000 pounds of food were delivered to the Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico.

Boots, coats, linen and medical supplies were taken to Love In Action, Plano, Texas where 2 containers were loaded and shipped to refugee centers in Syria.

CURE helped Operation Ukraine load 22 containers for overseas shipments.

CURE supplied 5 truckloads of medical supplies to Rotary International in Tulsa. One of the containers was shipped to Myanmar, (Burma).

CURE helped 874 local families by providing 1045 items of durable medical equipment (DME) to and through local agencies assisting patients being cared for at home who failed to qualify for financial assistance for same. Items provided include wheelchairs, power chairs, walkers, crutches, canes, hoya lifts, hospital beds/mattresses, tub & shower seats and bedside commodes.

Local Families who provide Foster Care were given 83 twin mattresses by CURE.

CURE provided medical equipment and support to the new Arkansas Osteopathic College of Medicine, Fort Smith.

CURE took 36 pallets of office furniture and other supplies to Little Rock Air Force Base. The US Air Force will deliver all of this to Haiti at no cost to CURE.

64,000 pounds of food was donated to CURE and it was distributed locally, some was taken to New Mexico and the majority was taken to Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief.

CURE continues to partner with Arkansas School Based Health Centers (SBHC). CURE has assisted a total of 24 SBHC (mostly in rural communities) since January of 2011. The estimated value of those items is between $200-250 Thousand. Tens of Thousands of Children in Arkansas have benefited from this partnership.

Since its’ inception, CURE has provided, and continues to provide, support and aid to West-Ark’s Inner City Meal ministry. CURE continues to partner with “The Hope Chest”, a separate locally based Non-Profit outreach, including clothing and household goods distribution services. CURE provides goods, transportation, warehousing and logistics assistance to support both ministries.

Please note that there is now an additional way for you to make a difference. When you select CURE as your preferred charity through Amazon Smile Foundation, a percentage of eligible Amazon purchases supports our activities – without increasing your cost!

CURE wants to say THANKS!  for your support, work, encouragement and – most of all – for your past and continued prayers. To date, God through CURE has aided the needs of people in 57 other countries worldwide and many Thousands of lives locally and regionally. Only the LORD knows the number of lives He’s actually touched through CURE’s activities. May God receive all the Glory, Honor and Praise as we work together to do what God created us for, “Good Works.”


(Luke 10:36 & 37)

For more information contact:

Mat Griffin: Cell 479-883-4096

Ron Moreton: Cell 479-461-2898

CURE Warehouse @ 2400 Vicksburg: 479-648-3348