Disaster Relief

CURE is a warehousing and sorting operation that creates stock piles of staple foods, bedding, and household supplies, which can be trucked or shipped to areas of need in times of disaster. These supplies are delivered to a local church of Christ (or other appropriate organization), thereby supporting the work of the local church.

In addition to the April 1996 relief effort, CURE has responded to six other tornado sites within Arkansas and Oklahoma. Although its regular disaster relief program is regional, CURE has also provided aid to a number of churches in response to Regional Flooding,Hurricane and Tornado Disasters.

Other types of aid have also been undertaken, including providing local school children with supplies and, since early 1998, providing food and clothing for needy in the Fort Smith area in participation with the West-Ark Church of Christ Inner City Ministry.

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Medical Mission Supplies

CURE acquires medical supplies and equipment for medical mission efforts throughout the world. Such shipments have been made to Guatemala, Guyana, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Romania, and India. Materials are assembled in accordance with the guidance of medical professionals and others experienced in such field operations.

These materials are made available to the mission team for shipping to the desired destination. CURE hopes to encourage additional medical missions by making supplies and equipment available to churches or church members lacking access to adequate aid.

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Since 1993

What is CURE?

CURE (Compassionate Utilization of REsources) is a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation formed in 1996 for charitable purposes. Response to needs created by the April 1996 tornado in the Fort Smith, Arkansas, area resulted in the formation of CURE for continuing regional crisis or disaster relief, support of medical missions and other activities providing for those in need. CURE was formed to tangibly exhibit the Spirit and love of Jesus Christ, as portrayed in the New Testament, to our neighbors in need.


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